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Welcome, and come inside!

Ali Beer Smith

Posted on June 08 2017

What's happening Behind the Door


Hiya... and a big fat welcome!
It means the absolute world that you are taking the time to read this.
Each week, I’m going to let you in “Behind the Door”! We are going to deep dive into the world of glitter, colour and all things radness! Basically... the foundation of my business - Behind the Door!
You can expect your look Behind the Door each week, with a snapshot of what’s happened, what’s happening and what’s going to happen. Cool, huh!
So, I want to start from the very start. I know that sounds like I am breaking my promise to you already… but I also promise I’m not! I’m going to take you on a super fun journey!
Firstly, my name is Ali (short for Alison). I prefer Ali as I am third gen, my grandma and mum are both Alison. Unique… huh! Mum, if you’re reading this (insert waving), no, I am not calling my future daughter (or son for that matter) Alison. Nor will it contain an aspect of Alison. Righto, now we’ve cleared that up, let’s get going.


Ali Beer Smith from Behind the Door jewellery and accessories

This is me, Ali! Hi! Wearing my #matchymatchy According to Alana wire headband and Violets and Poppies purple necklace.

I’ve always enjoyed making things and creating things. I have a love of sewing, cooking and reading (ok, the last thing isn’t very creative, but it gets my creative juices flowing!). Before Behind the Door (BTD) was even a thought in my head, I always had issues finding fun, colourful and funky earrings which didn’t make my ears go green, itchy or swollen. Back in those days (and still to this day.. but hello After Pay / Zip Pay!) I could only afford the surgical steel sleepers or plain studs. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with those, but man, I just wanted some colour in my life! From 2010 right through to early 2016 I worked FIFO, which means fly in fly out. I would fly to work, work 2 weeks and then come home for a week (or two depending on my roster) at a time. In 2012 in met my (now) husband Wade. Many of you would have seen Wade in my Instagram stories, being a good Huz and helping me hustle hard!


Wade from Behind the Door

This is Wade. Hi Wade!


During our FIFO years together, I would often have a week when I was by myself. In those days, we didn’t have any of the animals we do now (you may have also seen our array of fur babies on Instagram or Facebook) so I was having to find ways to keep busy. I began making cabochon motif stud earrings. I learnt how to use my own photos or cut outs to make the motif cabochons and then I would seal and glue them into stainless steel cabochon settings. I gave a few sets to my cousin for her birthday and kept the rest for myself. It wasn’t until I discovered a very talented local business selling unique, colourful and fun glitter mixes that I realised where my true calling was!
I was able to create these colourful and fun glass stud earrings that were unique. In 2015, there were no other jewellery businesses using the name product as I was, I was over the moon! With my jewellery supplies and enough glitter to sink a battle ship (ok, maybe a little mini boat in my bath) I was ready to rock.
One balmy night in June of 2015, I was sitting in my office, looking around for inspiration on what I should name my hobby. Because at that stage, that’s all it was. A hobby to give me something to do which I benefitted from. I mean hello.. endless supplies of colourful earrings! I was trying to think of funny names, quirky names and unique names. I mean, I didn’t have children to name after, nor did I have any pets. So it became literal. I was sitting in my office (in my house) handcrafting jewellery. Behind the door. Get it? My business is Behind the Door. Huzzzahhh!! And Behind the Door was born. That honestly is the back story of naming Behind the Door.


First Behind the Door logo

First Behind the Door logo on earring cards

 As I write the closing words to my first ever blog post (OMG) I am in bed with my laptop (after a hot bubble bath – another one of my passions), Tully snoring on the floor, Polly asleep facing the heater, Casper under the bed (she sleeps on the floor because she thinks she is a dog) and Trevor outside (because he loves his kennel more than being inside in the warmth – strange fur kid!) and my Huz is away at work for another 4 weeks (yay FIFO – not).


Behind the Door Animals
Next week, I am going to share with you a snippet into the Life of Ali (that’s me!) and some other fun facts about Behind the Door I bet you are dying to know! If there is anything specific you would love me to chat about, please leave your comments below.
To be continued…

Til next time,
Ali xx


  • Ali Beer Smith: June 12, 2017

    Thank you Emily and Jade xx

  • Emily Spicer-Stuart: June 09, 2017

    So nice to ‘meet’ you Ali, loved your story. Bring on next week :):)

  • Jade Geran : June 09, 2017

    Love that little read bring on next week :)

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