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Who is Ali Beer Smith?

Ali Beer Smith

Posted on June 15 2017

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Happy Thursday gorgeous creature!


I am really excited you have joined me this week. If you’re only visiting for the first time, make sure you take a minute to check out my very first blog post. It’s more of an intro into the world of Behind the Door!


Back in 2015, when BTD was a tiny little seed, I jumped straight into the making side of things. What many of you might not know, is I also dabbled in sewing and polymer clay jewellery. I made dangles and studs out of the wondrous, mouldable clay but really decided it wasn’t my thing! I still have a lot of the bits and pieces sitting in a draw stashed away for a rainy day (which will never come!). I also made wire headbands, but when I came across the lovely According to Alana, I promptly stopped – partly because I have sensitive skin, so some fabrics would cause me to go insanely itchy, partly because Alana had that niche covered! I still love to sew, and continue sewing; however it is more just for me now.


What I didn’t do when I began BTD was create any sort of business structure/document/SOP... or any form of anything that would help me understand the biz world. I was WAY to excited to create things, set up things (like my Etsy store (which I still have but it doesn’t have anything in it), website (which I have changed about 10bazillion times and am now finally happy with what I have) ) and having all my stationary printed. THAT was the things I loved doing and still do to this day. Doing the admin side of things was never on my mind, because I never in a million years even stopped to think about it. I’ve dug myself a huge, fat hole that I can barely climb out of (FML hahaha). I don’t even have a stock take down pack FFS. I do have a wonderful biz coach Emily Spicer-Stuart who rocks, who is helping get back to basics, and understand the fundamentals of running an awesome biz! I still need to outsource a few things (PLEASE, if you’re an admin goddess, hit me up. I will pay you in unlimited earrings LOL) Any who, enough with this endless saga of me pouring out my mistakes, bad choices... blah blah blah


SO, I would love to tell you a little about me, the creator and maker sitting behind the door. I’m going to give you an overview of my life in 20 dot point. OK... here I go!

A snap of our trip to Thailand


1 - My name is Alison Victoria Beer Smith nee Mitchell

2 - I have 2 sisters and one brother. I met my eldest sister when I was 21 and my younger sister when I was 23. We have a very unique family dynamic. We all have the same father, just different mothers. My sisters are the kindest human being I know. I grew up with my younger brother. He and I have the same mum. He is an introvert, just like me.

3 - That’s right; I would consider myself an introvert! An introvert until I know you! And then out emerges the extrovert inside (ha-ha)

4 - I LOVE colour and I have always loved colour. When I was younger, I was way to self conscious about drawing attention to myself. I was bullied in my early years at school (my nickname was Fattery – kids are so cruel sometimes) so I wore bland, dark clothes and continued to do so in to my late teens. It wasn’t until one day I finally went F*** IT who cares. I really had no more f***s to give, I didn’t care what people thought and still don’t to this day. As I’m writing this, I plan to dye my hair purple next Saturday – I can’t wait to show you the photos!

5 - My mum is the best mum-dad I know. She’s been dealt some really shitty cards over her time, and I really commend her for being the strong, independent woman she is today. She is also a great no-f***s giver when she needs to be. Go mum! You would have seen a photo of her in my last blog!

Beer Smith Bridal Party

My mum is top right and my brother is bottom left


6 - I was born in Adelaide in 1989. Mum and I lived in Semaphore for a few years until she met her then-husband. We moved to Wallaroo on the Yorke Peninsula, where I started school. In year 3 (ish, this is really stretching my brain!) we moved to Yorketown and we were there until I finished year 10. We then moved again to Roxby Downs, which is where I finished year 11 and 12. I wont tell you what kind of student I was (I was terrrrrrrrrrible) but I did LOVE art and home ec.

7 - I began working when I was 13 years old, in a deli. It was the best job I ever had (until I started my own business). I really thought I was going to open a deli one day!

8 - In 2010 I left Roxby Downs and moved to Adelaide, which is when I began working FIFO at Moomba. It wasn’t until 2011 that I laid eyes on Wade, my now huz. I honestly thought he looked like an arrogant person, walking around with a carrot stuck up his butt (honest to god, I tell him this openly and we think it’s a huge joke). We didn’t really talk to each other until the end of 2011/start of 2012. We had both gone through breakups so we each knew what exactly the other person was like, what they wanted in life, their goals, ambitions etc. It worked out really fabulously. He had already been married, had two gorgeous kids, bought a house etc. He knows that’s basically what I wanted one day, so he couldn’t complain one day when I dropped a huge bombshell. No backing out of this one now buddy!!!

9 - My main working roles have been in hospitality and administration, previous roles include hotel duty manager, personal assistant and office manager

10 - In 2014 Wade and I went on our first overseas trip together. We went to Thailand. It was interesting, that’s for sure. We stayed in Bangkok for the whole time, not sure if we would go there again.

My girlfriends and I, the night before my wedding

My girlfriends and I, the night before my wedding

11 - Wade and I got married on the 20th Feb 2016 in Airlie Beach. The weather was HOT, I was in complete melt down two nights prior, the night prior my gorgeous girlfriends and I went out for dinner and were all in (THE SAME hahaha) bed by 10pm ish and Wade was out partying with his mates and managed to crawl back to his room at 5am or something DUMB like that LOL. Our wedding day was perfect. Hair and makeup was perfect. We had an awesome time.

Airlie Beach Wedding

Friends and Family at our joint hens/bucks two nights before wedding in Airlie Beach


12 - Our honeymoon was to Bali for 5 nights. We weren’t actually going to go on a honeymoon, because we stayed two weeks in Airlie Beach (we also drove to and from... I knowwwwwwwwwwwww it was LONG!). We found an awesome Scoopon deal and bam. We went to Bali. BEST time.

Bali - Behind the Door

Wade and I in Bali for our honeymoon


13 - Wade has two gorgeous daughters, Drew and Alyssa. They are both awesome creatures and am so proud to be in their lives.

Behind the Door Bridal Party

Our bridal party, Wade’s daughters are in the orange and yellow dresses


14 - I am currently working full time as a personal assistant for a well known hospitality group in Adelaide. I have resigned to follow my dreams! I am going to be working in a part time capacity, just around the corner from my house, and the remainder of the time will be working on and in Behind the Door. Which means, turn around times are going to be much faster. I will have more time to make plans for the now + the future. I am so excited.

15 - I am currently working on 3 collaborations with fabulous biz babes, finding the time is the challenge at the moment BUT with my new working arrangements, it will come together SO much faster!

16 - My most favourite colours are hot pink and lime green.

17 - I love glitter... anything sparkly – but who doesn’t!

18 - My favourite foods are spaghetti, Indian and Thai – in that particular order

19 - Wade and I did our first round of IVF in March and were unsuccessful. It was a really emotional and medically enduring process. There is nothing medically wrong with me, Wade has had a vasectomy. I will do a blog on this subject down the track.

20 - I will start randomly singing a song if I hear something that reminds me of that particular song


WOWEE! That was sooo much harder than I thought. I kind of feel like I just filled in a Speed Dating application!

So that’s pretty much the back story of me! So now, you know the story in brief about me, and if you’ve read my very first blog, you will find out how BTD came to life! I am so excited to share this information with you.

If there is anything specific you would love me to chat about, please leave your comments below.

Til next time,



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  • mum: June 16, 2017

    You are such a dag… But I will always be proud of my little dag.. Very well written, had a few tear, and a few laughs.. You always did have a way with words…. Very proud of you xxx

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